General conditions

General Terms and Conditions For Open & In-company Training

1. Registration / boeken

  • You can register for a course (title / date / place) via the section provided for this purpose on the website (or training portal) or by sending an email confirming participation in the course or ordering a course. It is not possible to register or book a course by telephone.
  • All registrations will be processed in order of receipt and are only valid after written confirmation via e-mail from DORO BV.

  • Open courses are always organized subject to sufficient registrations. Should insufficient participants show interest in a training course, DORO BV reserves the right to cancel or move the course to a later date. DORO BV cannot be held liable for any costs or compensation due to cancellation of this training course.

2. Cancellation & non-participation

  • Cancellation of open training
    • If you cannot attend, you can reschedule your registration to another date free of charge up to 15 calendar days before the start of the course. This can only be done in writing by sending an email to The move is final after confirmation from DORO BV. A registration that has been moved can no longer be cancelled, moved or changed free of charge.
    • If you want to cancel the registration, you can do so free of charge up to 15 calendar days before the start of the training. Cancellation of a registration or training can only be done by e-mail to The date of receipt of the e-mail is considered the date of cancellation. Afterwards, up to 8 calendar days before the start, 50% of the original training cost will be charged. If you cancel later, the full training fee remains due. We do not distinguish between possible reasons for cancellation. A medical certificate does not constitute grounds to deviate from the general conditions.
    • If you cannot attend, you can be replaced, at no additional cost. This can only be done in writing by sending an email to
    • If you do not show up without notice, the full training fee remains due.
  • Cancel in-company training
    • An in-company training can be rescheduled at no additional cost up to 15 calendar days before the start of the training. This can only be done in writing by sending an email to The transfer is final after confirmation by DORO BV. A course that has been rescheduled can no longer be cancelled.
    • An in-company training can be cancelled at no additional cost up to 30 calendar days before the start of the training. This can only be done in writing by sending an email to Relocation is final after confirmation by DORO BV. A training course that has been rescheduled can no longer be cancelled. If cancelled later, up to 15 calendar days before the training day, 50% of the training fee will be charged.
    • If the training course cannot take place on the day itself without notice, the full training fee remains due. After all, a tutor has been booked and therefore incurs costs.

3. Force majeure

  • It is practically and economically impossible to keep an instructor on standby for every course in case the scheduled instructor should suddenly be unavailable the day of the course due to, for example, illness, accident, sudden death of a family member or quarantine. Such cases are considered force majeure. DORO BV will then offer the training at another time free of charge, but will not be liable or liable for any compensation.
  • Except in cases of force majeure, DORO has the right to cancel a planned course that has not yet started or to move it to another date and/or lesson location, without being held liable and without compensation. In that case, already registered course participants are entitled to deregister within 2 weeks of notification and the registration fee already paid will be refunded.

4. Prices

  • Unless indicated otherwise, all rates are exclusive of VAT and in Euro.
  • The prices listed on the website are indicative and not binding. DORO always reserves the right to change prices. In the case of a fixed fee for a training day: A training day is an 8-hour day in which 7 hours of training are given. A training day starts from Monday to Friday at 07:00 at the earliest and ends at 18:00 at the latest. A surcharge of 150% (outside office hours and Saturdays) or 200% (Sundays and public holidays) on the indicated rate will be charged for days/hours outside office hours.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the travel fee is included in the training cost. If not included, the distance will be calculated based on the distance to and from in Google Maps© between the training location and Industrielaan 12 in Kuurne.

5. Certificates

  • For training courses that require a certificate, the one-time preparation of the certificate is included in the price.
  • Duplicates of certificates or attestations will only be provided to the principal of the training.

6. Payment

  • The invoice for the training courses must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date and no later than one week before the start date of the training course, and this by operation of law and without notice of default.
  • If you register in the week before the start date of the course, the invoice is payable immediately and cancellation is no longer possible for this course at that time. An application for subsidies or other interventions such as training vouchers, SME portfolio or Chèques-formation does not release the client from paying on time. Subsidy applications are always made on the customer's own initiative.
  • In case of non-payment, a fixed compensation of €125.00 is immediately due, without prejudice to a monthly interest on the outstanding amount of 3%. Part of a month will be charged as a full month.
  • If you wish to pay by using the SME Portfolio, you should submit your subsidy application in due time (This is when confirming the agreement). Not being able to use the SME Portfolio or other subsidy opportunities is not a ground to delay or refuse payment of the debt.
  • The subsriber, together with the legal entity in whose name the invoice is requested, is always jointly and severally liable for all obligations towards DORO, if problems arise regarding the payment of the invoice.

7. PPE

  • After registration and before the start of the training course, you will be informed which personal protective equipment (PPE) is required for that course. These must be used properly throughout the training, as instructed by the instructor. Failure to comply with this agreement may result in refusal of participation, without the right to a refund of the registration fee.

8. Intellectual property rights

  • Copyright: All course material - both content and image/audio material, both in its entirety and in each of its parts, in both classroom and online courses and webinars - is protected by copyright and may only be used by the student himself/herself, in the context of the course for which he/she is subscribed. No part of it may be recorded (audio and/or visual), transmitted, shared, distributed and/or made public by print, photocopy, electronic or any other means, or stored and/or made consultable in any data storage and retrieval system, without prior written consent of the instructor/speaker and DORO. This also applies with a view to complying with privacy/GDPR legislation.
  • Making photo, video and/or sound recordings on any medium whatsoever is not allowed during the duration of the training course.

9. Personal information

  • In order to correctly register and process training courses and training programmes, or to register participation with government, sector funds or for subsidy measures, some personal data are collected. The policy regarding the storage and processing of this data can be found on our website privacy page.
  • Participants who do not wish to provide the necessary data as listed on the privacy page or do not give permission for its use/storage will not be able to participate in the training as this will make unique registration impossible. As described in the conditions regarding cancellation of registration or training, the training fee remains payable.
  • In the context of increasing digitalisation and innovation in the field of blended learning, DORO reserves the right, during long-term training, to convert certain classroom sessions into equivalent online sessions, with due attention to supervision and guidance, without this giving rise to the right to deregistration or compensation.
  • Upon registration, the course participant gives permission for classroom sessions to be recorded, which may include him/her in the picture. These may subsequently be used for educational and marketing purposes.

10. Liabilty

  • DORO is not responsible for damages (both material and physical) resulting from accidents before, during or after lessons, except in cases of civil liability.
  • DORO (including its employees and teachers/consultants) takes the utmost care to ensure the quality of the training courses, guidance, advice and information, which it provides in good faith and with the necessary professional knowledge. Under no circumstances can it be held liable for loss of profit, direct, indirect, financial or any other damage arising from or related to the application, interpretation or use, in any way whatsoever, of the training, guidance, advice and/or information provided.
  • Any damage - voluntary or involuntary - caused by a participant to machinery, material, equipment or building of DORO BV will be invoiced in full to the client / subscriber.
  • DORO BV is only responsible for providing the training and cannot be held liable if participants do not succeed or do not acquire the necessary competences.

11. Disputes

  • All agreements are drawn up in accordance with Belgian law. In case of disputes, only the Courts of Kortrijk have jurisdiction.
  • These general terms and conditions are exclusively valid for all agreements with DORO BV from 01/10/2022 and replace all previous.